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APET/PETG Sheet production

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Product use: 

Vacuum forming application: food packaging, toy box, pencil case, gift boxes, hand tools and hardware packaging 
Barrier property use: electronic components packaging 
General purpose: folding forming, garment dickey, decorative materials, folder, file cover, credit card 
Special purpose: medical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial anti-corrosion protection, microwave baking tray (CPET) 
The main technical parameters 
 Extruder Model SJ100/33F,SJ65/33F SJ120/33F,SJ65/33F
 Width of sheet  500-1200mm 500-1500mm
 Thickness of sheet 0.25-1.4mm 0.25-1.4mm
 Main drive motor 90KW,75KW 132KW,65KW
 Production speed 28M/min 28M/min
 Max.Extrusion capacity  450kg/hr 650kg/kr