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MSZ50H injection blow molding machine

  • Product Introduction:
  • Special designed dual-cylinder clamping unitmould open and close fastidle cycle time fastefficiency high.
  • Dual proportional hydraulic systemprecision controlenergy saving 25% more than vane pump drive.
  • Horizontal injection design plasticating reliable and operation easy.
  • Single crossbeam style clamping system easy for mould amounting
  • Generality highsame mould fitting as MSZ45 and MSZ40.
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  • Details

The mold cavity number:

The equipment size:

Technical features:  

Original two cylinder clamping structure, the process speed, short production cycle, high efficiency 
Oil system double proportion, the control precision, save energy consumption by more than 25%. 
Horizontal injection, plasticizing stable, easy to operate 
Single beam structure, easy to remove the mould. 
Versatility, compatible MSZ45 / MSZ40 mold 


Servo drive, and can realize energy-saving 25-45% 

The main technical parameters: