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Victor machinery in jiangsu at the dubai plastic rubber

Middle East dubai international exhibition plastic rubber plastic industry is in the Middle East and Africa region for the first exhibition.
The exhibition area of 35000 square meters, a total of 906 companies, professional exhibitors are drawn from across Europe, Africa, the gulf states, India, etc. 27268 professional buyers in 107 countries.
Dubai exhibition of successive plastic exhibition situation shows that the products made in China is popular in the Middle East.
Victor Ding Zuogong manager with the exhibition to MSZ50H hollow blowing machine.
MSZ50H technical features:
Original two cylinder clamping structure, the process speed, short production cycle, high efficiency;
Oil system double proportion, the control precision, saving more than 25% of energy consumption;
Horizontal injection, plasticizing stable, easy to operate;
Single beam structure, easy to remove the mold;
Versatility, compatible MSZ45 / MSZ40 mold.


During the exhibition attracted a lot of countries to the buyer for Victor on the 2016 New Year pictures of a perfect full stop.