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Large capacity of the applicability of the capsule bottle on

The volumetric flask market overall demand situation and main application:
1. The hospital pharmacy needs large capacity capsule bottle;
A: 20 ml - 100 ml of plastic or glass bottles, the nurse daily distribution ward drug, dosage is bigger, small bottle capacity caused a lot of empty bottles, it is a waste, the second is big workload.
B: capsule packed in slab, the nurse ward drug distribution or capsule to take out the difficulties one by one, the second is caused by a large number of medical waste, 3 it is difficult to ensure that health.
2. Health care products are more likely demand for large capacity capsule bottle;
Common amway nutrilite, days lion health care products, ve vitamin soft capsule, propolis soft capsule, packing all need the large capacity of various kinds of calcium.
3. Long-term use of drugs were made of the large capacity capsule bottle needs;
Large capacity capsule bottles generally refers to more than 200 ml jar, common on the market have plastic bottle and glass bottle, glass bottle problem than major, fragile, etc, caused great difficulties to the transportation, gradually replaced by plastic bottles.
Many types of plastic bottles, common on the market for HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET, etc.
Large capacity capsule bottle production technology has a good variety of, generally USES - blow and injection - two kinds of process.
Compared the two process, note - blowing process is more suitable for the capsule bottle production.
The note - blowing method has the following advantages: (1) the production of plastic bottles high mechanical strength, impact resistance is not easy to broken.
(2) the bottle size accurate, with 100% cap seal.
(3) the manufacture of plastic bottle safety ring can be used directly to shape to match the safety cap.
(4) capsule bottle weight and size can be set in advance.
(5) can be more than a mould cavity and improve production efficiency.
(6) bottle and the bottle surface luster.
(7) waste plastic bottle and bottle without burrs, save raw materials.
(8) the bottle joint line smooth, not obvious.
(9) is more suitable for forming hard plastic bottles and wide mouth bottle.
(10) bottle shape design flexibility is bigger.
(11) injection bottle can realize WuJunHua packaging products.
Aseptic packaging is a key in the development of medicine bottles, aseptic packaging to extend the shelf life of drug packaging, can make the drug packaging more security.
Large capacity injection machine production capsule bottle has the following difficulties: a, the bottle diameter is bigger, easy to cause the bottle ellipse, it is difficult to ensure that match the sealing cover.
B, the bottle diameter is larger, the roundness of the bottle is difficult to control, easy to accept waist, labeling difficult.
C, the bottle diameter and height are big, turning radius and the center height of injection machine are put forward higher requirements.
D, high-capacity capsule bottle general wall thickness is thick, has a high uniformity requirements for wall thickness, the injection mould die structure design and process control are put forward higher requirements.
Injection machine in recent years enterprises solve these difficulties, made a lot of technical innovation, have also made great achievements.
For example, most injection enterprises from the machine first, increase the amount of injection molding machine, improve the clamping force, the center of the lifting machine high and enlarging the radius of gyration and so on technical innovation, to apply to the large capacity capsule bottle production.
Also from the blowpipe embryo and injection mandrel on mold made of the structural design of technological transformation, has carried on the corresponding adjustment from the process, in order to achieve product wall thickness uniformity, smooth bottle less deformation.
Victor machinery labeling technology inside the injection tools and the success of research and development, to fill the gaps in domestic injection tools and stick mark, but also solves the bottle when you receive the waist labeling and difficult problems, to achieve product stick mark WuJunHua one operation, improve the added value of the products, reduce the production cost.

To Victor machinery co., LTD in jiangsu MSZ60S 500 ml high-volume production of its capsule bottle, for example.
MSZ60S machine products in the cavity for 5 cavity, the cycle of 20 s commonly, it is a day of production reached 21600, much higher than the general output of the extruder.
Several best-selling models yield is as follows (only the product shown in the above figure, for example, the specific number of cavity and output analysis related to product appearance size and gram) :
models cavity number Period (in seconds) Daily output (only) note
MSZ30 2 18 8800 In terms of 22 hours a day
MSZ50 4 20 15840
MSZ60S 5 22 18000
In recent years, with the continuous development of plastic industry, injection blow with large capacity capsule bottle is widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
Note - blowing plastic bottle with qualitative light, than high strength, corrosion resistant, non-friable, easy to transport, security and other advantages, gradually replace the glass bottle packaging.
Plastic bottles are in demand in our country, and an increase in a year, injection of large capacity capsule bottle market is very considerable.