2012Chinaplas Summary

Chinaplas 2012,we display two machines,MSZ45 injection blow molding machine and degassing PET sheet extrusion line.

MSZ45 injection blow molding machine choose the servo motor,compared with the ordinary variable pump,the test is ,for saving energy around 30%.In this exhibition,we show a customization yogurt bottle die,one die for four cavity,cycle time control below 14s.Relative to the ordinary extrusion blow bottle,injection blow bottle can achieve one step fast molding without scrap,neck and thread in high precision dimension to meet various sealing requirement,smooth party lines on body and bottom for perfect surface finishing,various shape available,delicate exterior,applicable to all kinds of labeling processing.During the exhibition,the machine mould reliable,stable and get the final customer affirmation and recommend to other users,success opened the injection blow molding machine development of food and beverage packaging industry of door.

PET single-screw sheet extrusion line,with high performance,low power consumption,simple operation and maintenance of three characteristics.The unit by a single screw exhaust technology,without the crystallization drying system,compared with the domestic traditional dehumidifying drying equipment models,reduce nearly one-third about the installed capacity,equipment installation area,and even the operation personnel,energy saving more than 40%.At the same time,due to the screw reasonable structure,the production of goods has strong impact resistance,high transparency and have a certain external quality,tested,and the product characteristics fully meet the market quality requirement.New and old customers to come to discuss in succession.


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