Announcement in Terms of Infringement Trademark and Corporation Name

Recently there are some illegal companys in the named of Victor brand sale and/or manufacture products. We Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co,ltd hereby formally announces as follows:


1. Our trademark, Victor, is officially registered by State Trademark Bureau in the year of 1992. The exclusive right and usufruct pertinent to the trademark are legitimately protected by laws and regulations.


2. Our corporation name, Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co,ltd is officially registered by State Business Bureau in the year of 1998. Any former corporation names may concerned are invalid for trading. Any similar company names are illegal and violated.


3. Our website ( and ) are created and owned by our company. Any plagiarism and adaptation including the photographs or articles will be deemed to be illegal and violated.


All here listed Victor branded products are legitimately patented and trademarked by Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co., Ltd., any uauthorized sales and/or manufacture of such products and/or infringing the trademark will be deemed to be illegal and violated!


We hereby certify that please pay your kind attention to the authenticity of the trademark when purchasing Victor products, and report any fake and/or counterfeiting cases so that your benefits and rights be lawfully protected.


If you have any questions or confusions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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